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The Rise of Hayley Jane and The Primates

Burlington, VT has always been a hub of amazing local talent and Hayley Jane and the Primates are no exception. With a large range of music style types including bluegrass, early rock, musical theater, reggae and more, they have never seemed to have an issue drawing a crowd. Lead singer, Haley Jane, describes the band as "a theatrical americana jam band." "For me, it's about honesty and finding ways to amplify myself in the most raw, honest way ...  Read More

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Give the Gift of Gold this year! With a Gold Membership users get real time listings, promoted posts, the ability to set up alerts for any tickets they are searching for and more! At just $2 per month this worthwhile gift will give any live music lover the opportunity to catch all the shows they want without paying more than face value. All gifted Gold Memberships will come with a gift card that makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!WEBSITE: htt...  Read More

Miley Cyrus fights scalpers with paperless tickets

NASHVILLE (Billboard) - As Miley Cyrus prepares to hit the road this fall, the spotlight is shining on what was once a relatively minor piece of the touring puzzle: the ticket.   Or in this case, the lack thereof. Cyrus' tour will use paperless tickets, and that's causing a commotion, mostly among the scalpers who infamously made so much money from her last tour. The 2007-08 Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds trek grossed $55 ...  Read More

CashorTrade.org iPhone App Released!! SiriusXM Radio announcement

Today we released the world's first Face Value Ticketing iPhone App, now available for FREE download. Thank you all so much for joining the face value movement & a special thanks goes to our Gold Members who funded the App release and propelled the service forward. Your memberships afforded us the opportunity to create and launch the new website, the moblie webapp, and now the new iPhone app. Since the launch of the new features 13 months ...  Read More

REPOST Feature Released!

The new RE-POST Feature is now live and available to gold members.  The days of having to create a brand new post to gain visibility and keep up with the number of daily posts is over.  This new feature allows you to login to your account, access your old post, click one button entitled "renew" and your post with then appear at the top of all lists.Make sure to tag your post with appropriate artist name, event, and categorize your tag  with ti...  Read More

To the highest bidder: From the streets to computer screens, ticket scalping adapts to digital age

The men stride up and down Marshall Street, arms outstretched and tickets fanned in their hands. It’s a rapid route they pace as cars stream into campus, the congregation of fans that’s rhythmically magnetic on a Syracuse game night.The men know their paths, moving along the streets and looking from side to side, alert for any approaching fans that have joined the crowds at the last minute.“Tickets,” they call out to peo...  Read More

Suggested Trades, Just Released!

We have just launched our second feature of our Gold Membership.Suggested Trades is a great new tool that lists posts you are looking for in the dashbopard of your profile.We hope this makes seachng the site, and findign your match that much easier.  ...  Read More

Trade Tracker! Alert Tool just released!!

Thanks to your contributions we have been able to complete and launch this new feature.  Trade tracker is a tool we have been dreaming about for a long time and it is finally here in beta.  This is one of the many new additions being released and offered as part of the Gold Membership at CashorTrade.orgWith trade tracker, you can sit back and let system do the work.  We have made it simple to create an alert.  The moment a ho...  Read More

New Feature! Categorize your Tags when adding a post !

Hey all.We are very excited about the many new features we are releasing in CashorTrade.org.One big new feature is the new filtering option and the ability to categorize your tags.Now when I am talking about needing or wanting lodging or a ride to a show, or maybe I have a poster or clothing to trade, I can now add these categories directly to each tag, making filtering super specific.We have also added additional features such as the ability to ...  Read More


Special Curated Tents from OWSLA vs. BOYSNOIZE Records, French Express and This Song Is SickMariaville, New York (April 25, 2013) - Camp Bisco has confirmed the second round of performers slated for its twelfth annual three-day music and arts festival, in Mariaville, New York this July 11-13, 2013. The newest artists joining the existing performer lineup at the multi-stage camping festival include: Destroid Live; Madeon; Danny Brown; Seven Lions;...  Read More

Grateful Giveaway winners!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our winners of the GratefulGiveaway sponsored by CashorTrade.org and LiveJamzRadio.com http://GRATEFULGIVEAWAY.com to enter for shows all summer long. Thank you for EMBRACING THE FACE and joining the 21,000 website members and the 30,000 social media members in rising up to create a fair trade marketplace.  Together we seek to put an end to the erroneous inflation of tickets in the secondary market, and provide true ...  Read More


The GRATEFULGIVEAWAY.com is a rolling ticket giveaway brought to you by CashorTrade.org and LiveJamzRadio.com.  6 FESTIVALS, 11 SHOWS...and more to come! "Together we have teamed up to offer you all continuous giveaways throughout the year.  It is our way of saying thanks to the face value community for all they have done to 'embrace the face' and believe in the fair trade mission," says Brando, cofounder of CashorTrade.org. These include ...  Read More

CashorTrade.org Mobile App is Back!

There are big plans for CashorTrade in 2013 and mobile functionality is the first release of many to help fans embrace face value in the upcoming year. CashorTrade had a web app in 2010 that was decent, but limited. The new web app packs full website functionality into a much smaller browser. The CashorTrade web app is a lightweight, easy to use interface that scales for all devices. Enjoy the many features of CashorTrade from anywhere. F...  Read More

UPDATE: 12.28 & 12.30 Phish Ticket Raffle to Benefit Newtown, CT

UPDATE - UPDATE..... 12/20/201George Ralls just donated a 28th to the Newtown, CT benefit.  Thank you George!The Ticket Raffle now includes as 12/28 and a 12/30 ticket to Phish at MSG on NYE!  We are almost at $1300! (spreadsheet link below)After numerous phone calls and emails to/from the people in the Newtown area I have decided on sending the donations to The United Way of Western Connecticut.Mission Statement:United Way of Western C...  Read More


CashorTrade.org, the official face value ticket trading community, would like to announce this years winners.  Every year CashorTrade rewards its members by giving away 14 tickets to 7 highly sought after NYE shows across the country.  It has been a way of saying THANK YOU to the community’s dedication towards building a face value ticket alternative, and supporting the Internet’s very own fair trade marketplace.CashorTrade.org has almost r...  Read More

L4LM Presents: End of the Funking World Party w Eddie Roberts

If what they Mayans predicted is true and the end of the world is really coming, we might as well party like it, right?  And what better place to party than New York City, wouldn’t you agree?  Then come join us in the heart of NYC in Times Square at BB King’s Blues Club, on December 21st.  Without further adieu, L4LM is proud to bring you the Eddie Roberts West Coast Sounds: End of the Funking World Party, featuring E...  Read More

Trade Groups are now live!

Today we launched COT Trade Groups where anyone can create a group with close friends and family. This feature will organize communication in regards to who ended up with what tickets. Exclusive trade groups offer multiple privacy and exposure settings for each of your posts. Create a group today. 5 simple steps in under 60 seconds. Go to the groups page, login, and click “create a group”. Anyone can do it. The person who star...  Read More

CashorTrade.org 4.0 release

COT goes 4.0!! Thank you for embracing the face value mission! The past 3 years have been amazing. This face value community has grown to over 30,000 strong and continues to set the standard within the ticketing industry. Welcome to the new version of CashorTrade.org 4.0. While this new website is undergoing changes we hope that the 4.0 framework affords us the ability to expand on all the great ideas and feedback we have gathered over the ...  Read More

Progressive Blend Radio interviews CashorTrade!

LIVE from Washington, DC, Progressive Blend Radio interviews CashorTrade for the second time since the websites launch in February of 2009. Hosts DJ Downtown and Eddie Herradura speak with Brando from CashorTrade about the community mission toward promoting face value tickets and fair trade within the live music community. Progressive Blend Radio airs every Sunday at 5pm East/2pm West, bringing their listener’s up-to-date commentary of...  Read More

CashorTrade.org Technology: API Trade List, RSS Feed, Mobile App, Facebook App.

CashorTrade.org has had an incredible year.  With nearly 26,000 trades posted and 12,500 members the face value community is growing exponentially. Brando and Dusty, the founders of CashorTrade, have donated much time and effort into helping a growing community connect with one another to buy, sell, and trade tickets, rides, lodging, art work, and handmade goods at face value for a fair trade. CashorTrade has large plans to expand their ...  Read More

Scalper Bot bill, AB 329, banning the use of automated ticket bot programs in California

Buying a concert ticket online isn?t easy these days. But a bill awaiting Governor Jerry Brown?s signature could make it less painful in California. Bots digitally jump to the front of the line and scoop up all the tickets before regular fans have a shot at buying any. http://www.capradio.org/articles/2013/09/19/buying-concert-tickets-in-california-may-get-easier...  Read More

[Kickshuffle Exclusive] Embrace the Face! A Conversation with CashorTrade.org Co-Founder Brando Rich

Brando Rich is Co-founder of CashorTrade.org – an online trading site where fans buy, sell and trade goods and services for cash or trade at face value. CashorTrade currently has over 12,700 members and over 26,000 trades.   OK, so tell me about CashorTrade.org. We launched the site in the winter of '09 with an objective to help fans obtain tickets at FACE VALUE by providing an alternative to the ticket scalping prevalent in the s...  Read More

WHITEOUT for Charity MSG 12.29.11

If you haven't heard already, Phish fans are trying to organize a white out at the 12/29/2011 show at Madison Square Garden, this means, quite simply that all fans attending that show should wear a plain white T-shirt or dress or face paint or all of these or just some or something else like dying your hair white or… well, you get the picture. The impact on both the fans and the band will be staggering. When the band sees that 20,000 ind...  Read More


I would like to take a minute to tell you about GlowStickWars.com.  These guys are great fans....and good friends. They help keep color alive at the shows and donate proceeds continually to the Mockingbird Foundation. Join GlowStickWars.com and purchase some show sticks to support a good cause. They are also giving away 1 NYE ticket to Phish at MSG. Click here for details.  Dont miss out !...  Read More

2011 Commemorative NYE NYC MSG Token Pendant by Jennifer Kahn

Let the collection begin, with Jennifer Kahn's 2nd token. This year there are many fish and they play a more active role in the design - poised to take a bite out of the big apple. Not only does it commemorate the New Year's Run with all 4 dates etched along the edge, but it is a true sign of the times with the letters "OCCUPY MSG" subtly spelled out among the fish. We might be small but our numbers are strong. From a distance the image resemble...  Read More

10MinuteTubeDesigns.com presents sweet PINS !

You probably have already seen these guys on tour.  They have been around for a couple years selling the sweetest pins around.  They are great folks and a super positive part of the tour experience. Check their new website out and some of the new PINS they have available at:   http://www.10minutetubedesigns.com Here is what they say...."Where we make art for you, the fan!""We are always dreaming up new, fresh ideas that ce...  Read More

Jobs Internship Positions Available!

CashorTrade.org is looking for your help in strengthening the face value community.  We have put together a few small Job/Internships to aid in this mission.   Thank you all for the creative support you have given to the community over the past 2.5 years.  We have big plans and we want you to be a part of it.We are currently re-coding our site from scratch.  We are developing a new solid, secure, and expandable foundati...  Read More


"Tropical  Storm Irene triggered the worst natural disaster in Vermont since 1927.  At least three people drowned, and two are missing; hundreds of homes  were damaged or destroyed; the state's road system was broken in so many  places they have not yet been counted.Across southern and  central Vermont, small neighborhoods and some entire towns were cut off  from the outside world for two or three days, without electricity or  telephones, ...  Read More

BRUCE HORAN NICU UIC Prints and Shirts!

When artists at Da Mock Show was setting up, PhanArt Pete walked around and took pictures to share on twitter so folks knew what prints to expect. There were a great many awesome prints, but only one used a creative play off of ‘NICU’ in their art. Bruce Horan’s NICU/UIC poster highlights U I and C in the NICUs running throughout the print. Pick up the poster and/or shirt here NICU at UIC Three color screenprint with ...  Read More

Read Icculus Sticker

“During the Oswego ’99 Icculus, my friends and I hugged and held each other laughing hysterically in an “I can’t!” kind of moment and I’ll never forget it. After that we all labeled everything “Read-Icculus” every chance we had. Finally in 2003 I made the first run of stickers, then in 2009 made a new sticker and a t-shirt. After selling out of all editions (the t-shirts sold out after Hartfo...  Read More

VTTEES - T-shirts and Stickers

As many of you might know...VTTEES has been on tour with CashorTrade.org . Click here to see the dedicated page we have for VTTEES:   http://cashortrade.org/vttees/     Our good brother Jonny has taken the charge to keep the CashorTrade.org Tent up and running at each show.  If you saw the tent this summer, there is a good chance you saw these shirts and stickers.  VTTEES has done an amzing job at nail...  Read More

Buffalo Bill

SteppedIntoFreezer Designs Presents...Buffalo Bill "Looking For Owls" PinMeasures: 1 1/4" x 1"Has Two Prong BackOwls Eyes GLOW-IN-THE-DARK$10 + $2 shippingFollow SteppedIntoFreezer on Twitter ...  Read More

PhanBadge.com and their new Festival Merit Badges!

STOCK UP ON YOUR MERIT BADGES! Welcome PhanBadge.com ...  Read More

Win 2 Tickets to Trey Anastasio & Mike Gordon

UPDATE: Congratulations to BennyB! You are the winner of our first ticket giveaway drawing.  You win 2 Tickets to the Trey Anastasio Show In Albany, NY  Thank you for supporting Face Value Tickets and helping strengthen the community!Mike Gordon Ticket Giveaway on Feb 28thAs we emerge from a very snowy winter here in the northeast, Dusty and I have decided to start the year off right by saying thanks.  We appreciate all the suppo...  Read More

Commemorative New Years Run Mugs by John Kinder & Tyler Davio

This   will be the second run of 100 mugs.  Each mug is hand crafted and   totally unique.  Mugs average 20 oz in volume and roughly 6 1/2 tall.    These mugs are dishwasher safe and can bear hot or cold liquids.  Mugs   come in various glazes, each one stunning and intricate. These mugs were crafted in Bend, Oregon at Cinder Cone Clay Center.  Long time potter, John Kinder, and ...  Read More

CashorTrade.org says Thank You & Happy Holidays

CashorTrade.org would like to say Thank You to all its members for supporting a wonderful year of face value tickets and trades.This has been a crazy amount of work for us to manage and develop. Many times we have completely pushed our web design business aside to spend hours on end at CashorTrade.org . We greatly appreciate the comments, testimonials, feedback and reviews we have received.Our new 4.0 site is underway and hopefully it will be r...  Read More

Commemorative NYE NYC MSG Token by Jennifer Kahn

Vermont artist, Jennifer Kahn has been making jewelry for over a decade. Her designs fuse old and new, industrial and natural, urban and ethnic. She graduated from UVM with a BA in Art and English in 2001. Since then, she has been apprenticed to renowned jewelry artist Celie Fago, from whom she's learned PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and metalsmithing. Jen has sold her work at craft shows, in galleries and has been featured in exhibits across the U...  Read More

ITour.phish teams up with CashorTrade!

CashorTrade.org would like to thank Marc from the Sugarloaf App Company for adding a direct portal to the new CashorTrade iPhone WebApp.Since the release of the first version of iTour.phish thousands of fans have found it quite useful to find their way and make plans while on tour.  The iTour.phish App gives direct links to the iPhone's map program pinpointing the venue of choice as well as all the amenities that surround it.  It can ...  Read More

PhanFood Cookbook Celebration

Save the date! Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont is hosting a book launch party for the new cookbook, PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot (SUNY Press/Excelsior Editions; December 2010; $19.95 paperback). Join us on Saturday, December 11 from 7:00–9:00 pm for the PhanFood book launch. If you attend this party you’ll also gain free admission to the show at Nectar’s later that evening, with incredible funk and jamb...  Read More

CashorTrade.org Goes Mobile !

We have recently launched our new Mobile addition to CashorTrade.org at:   http://m.cashortrade.org It is in full beta, so please drop us feedback along the way.   As we know many of you are on the road when trying to obtain tickets, we hope this webapp comes in great use. The app is fully functional in previewing all trades posted for all bands and events.  You can access other member's profiles, information, reviews, friends...  Read More


I would like to announce some new features that will help members build their trust and reliability amongst traders. Basically, the more detailed your profile is the more trustworthy you become.  This will increase the number of people who would be likely to trade with you. With so many trades being posted to the site each day, and so many people looking for the same tickets, what sets you apart from the others?  Well, seeing how we ...  Read More

Phish.net API 2.0 nears rollout (Blog)

Our webmaster, Adam Scheinberg (sethadam1), is putting the finishing touches on an updated and improved version of the Phish.net API.  API is an acronym for "Application Programming Interface", or in non-computerese, bits of programming code often called "hooks" or "plug ins" that allow for third-party developers' websites and programs to interact with the Phish.net site and its online fan community. The 2009 1.0 APIs all...  Read More

Surrender to the Flow Fall Tour Magazine

Contact Christy for ad space in this years fall tour issue. STTFlow@gmail.com"Surrender to the Flow magazine has been around since 1998.  We've grown and changed a lot since then, but our dedication to bringing our publication to Phish fans all over this vast country of ours hasn't faltered a bit.  We are currently hard at work on two separate issues that will be distributed on Phish's Summer Tour 2010-- our twenty-fifth and twenty-si...  Read More

CashorTrade.org Reaches 10,000 Trades, 5500 members, & 1000 FB Friends

CashorTrade.org has reached over 10,000 trades, 5500 members, 1000 facebook friends, and now a growing community on Twitter. CashorTrade.org is a ticket trading website that helps fans obtain tickets at Face Value for cash or trade.  Since the company's inception in February 2009, shortly after the band Phish made its come back after a 5 year hiatus, CashorTrade has been the leading ticket trading website  supporting the face value bu...  Read More

OtherOnes.net and CashorTrade.org

CashorTrade.org would like to thank OtherOnes.net for adding us to your website as your posted and trusted Ticket Exchange !As we are beginning to open up to more bands we are super pumped to be included with the OtherOnes.net community.  We feel it is truly important to embrace all bands that our members have an interest in.  In fact, in the coming months we will be including many new features that involve committing to a trade, whethe...  Read More

New Tour Map Launched!

CashorTrade.org launches new TOUR MAP !Now fans can use the new tour map to better plan their tour.  Just simply select from the drop down on the homepage the band your are touring and click on the "tour map" tab.That's it!  You will then see way points marked for each show of the tour and, when click upon, get detailed information such as seating charts and links to the complete info from each band's website.This is just in the begin...  Read More

Hoodstream & CashorTrade.org

We are delighted to announce the posting of our link and logo on HoodStream.com.  Hoodstream is a revolutionary 2.0 idea that enables viewers to watch a live streaming show from the comfort of their own home. All you need is the internet.  Yes.  You don't even have to be home.  With the new UStream Iphone App you can also stream these shows to your mobile phone while on the go.Hoodstream embeds streaming video of the shows f...  Read More

Phish.net & CashorTrade.org

So I finally sat down and integrated the Phish.net API into CashorTrade.org You will notice a new tab above the homepage trade listings titled "Phish.net Setlists".  This new tab houses the most up to date Phish.net data including setlists and news. In the coming weeks and with the launch of Phish.net's 2.0 API version we hope to offer each of you the ability to not only preview up to date setlists, but also to query your phish stats ba...  Read More

CashorTrade.org reaches 5000+ members ! New Full Member Photo Gallery

Together we may change the way tickets are bought and sold in the after market. By sticking together becoming members of Cashortrade.org we are Avoiding and Destroying scalping.  It needs to be about what it used to be.  About the music, about the experience, about your friends, NOT about the money.  If we can all band together and get our friends to join we may end scalping as we know it forever!  The larger our member base, ...  Read More

Have & Want Sections for trades and Expanding the band community.

Brando & Dusty here from CashOrTrade.org.  With only days away until tour begins, we have launched many new features. 1)  All trades now feature a "Have" and a "Want" section in an effort to make searching for trades easier.    **PLEASE LOGIN AND UPDATE YOUR TRADES TO MATCH THIS NEW SYSTEM. 2)  We have put together a small Ticket Trading Guide to help you better trade your tickets.    **DON'T WAIT...  Read More

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