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face value tickets

The Helping Friendly Fair Trade Guide

Choose a trustworthy profile

CashorTrade.org is a tool to help you find tickets and goods for face value for cash or trade from fans you can trust. The more complete profile the stronger the member. Like craigslist we are a simple bulletin board of potential trades. Yet, UNLIKE craigslist we are FANS!!!!! We have structured CashorTrade.org to allow members to build their profiles to create trust and encourage members to trade with them. Basically, the more detailed your profile is the more trustworthy you become. This will increase the number of people who would be likely to trade with you. With so many trades being posted to the site each day, and so many people looking for the same tickets, what sets you apart from the others? Well, seeing how we do not allow above face value offers, YOUR PROFILE SETS YOU APART! So build your profile and encourage more trades. Click here to read our blog article on the 7 ways to build your profile.


Market value is NOT face value. Even if tickets are going for more or less. The idea is for all fans to get inside without losing $. If you sell your ticket for $20 you are losing. If you sell it for $100 they are losing. Keep trades 1 for 1 and offer your others at face to sweeten a deal. Help each other out and Embrace the Face!

Follow Through

If you commit to a trade stay true to your word and follow through and don't risk having your account deactivated. Backing out last minute leaves the member without tickets....or a bunch of extras they can't get rid of and you with negative reviews. Stay true and stay honest. We give you the tools to choose a real fan to trade with....so act and be a real fan.

Transferring Ticketmaster/ LiveNation Tickets?

Thankfully, Ticketmaster now allows you to transfer your tickets to another person by email for free. Here is the key, when you transfer the ticket and the other persons accepts the transfer IT VOIDS THE ORIGINAL TICKET. Read more about Ticketmaster's Transfer program here: http://ticketmaster.com/transfer

Make trades BEFORE! you get to the lot (why?)

Why? The Market value of a ticket before lot is different than once you arrive on lot.

If you wait until you arrive, the market price on lot may be free, cheap, or inflated, causing trade uncertainty. To avoid this issue make your trade before you get to the show.

1) If traders see that tickets are hard to come by and people are selling above face value while on lot, they may be encouraged to just end the trade, get rid of their tickets, and sell them for above face instead of waiting to meet up for your trade at face value; regardless of them committing to you online weeks prior.

2) Waiting to meet on lot allows extra time for ill variables to come into play. Allowing this extra time, along with difficulty in details of meeting before a show, may cause the trader to just get rid of them quickly instead of meeting up and leaving the person waiting for their ticket, or to get rid of their extras. Again, this could occur even if they agreed to trade with you weeks before online.

Eliminate this from happening to you and MAKE YOUR TRADE OR SALE PRIOR TO ARRIVING ON LOT!

Some tips

- If shipping, always provide a tracking # through USPS UPS or FedEx. -or-

- Mail your ticket to a friend and have make the trade in person.

- If not mailing meet at coffee shops, hotels, bars, or any common public safe place.

- If trading hard tickets place on a surface, swipe with thumbnail, reveal black carbon mark.

Scratch test is for hard tickets as a precaution because it is not easy to replicate. Disclaimer: Certain vendors may not have the carbon, and it is not 100% proof that the ticket is authentic. Call in the code with Ticketmaster to verify.

Payment: Use PayPal. NEVER wire $ Western Union.

NEVER complete a paypal transaction that is not through COT. Paying paypal invoice or gift. Only use the button. If their address is not showing contact us.

- Both Paypal and certain credit card companies provide excellent fraud protection in the case of a transaction dispute.

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