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« back to trades ISO: 1/24 Boulder Theatre ticket for DISCO BISCUITS! Got ca$$hhh monnnayyy
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I am seeking

Would really like to get to just this show of the fun. Lots of friends comin to town....help a sista out!

Contact Information

My fun intro: I first discovered the glory of the Pheeeeesh in 1997. I was in 4th grade. Definitely too young to experience the storied 1.0 Phish, Machine Gun Trey glory days, but alas, unfortunately I can't control when I was born! My cousin gave me my first tape when I was 10 and he was 18. We were really close even with such large age gap and really wanted me to start listening. I would put in on when I cleaned my room and dance around like the 10 year old I was to YEM and Divided Sky and some other standard tunes. The one that turned out to be my favorite at the time was My Friend, My Friend. I would laugh hysterically at the end part when they do that goofy yell/laugh at the end. They were so goofy and I fell in love with it. Due to a tight money situation and very strict parents, I was never able to go to a show. I always wanted to during 2.0 in my high school days, but never had the funds and was too scared of my parentals. My first show was 2009, Burgettstown, PA. Excellent show. I was pretty caught up in everything to even realize how good of a show it was. The two shows at Merriweather in 2010 sealed my fate as a phishead and I never looked back. Techincally, I guess I would be considered a 3.0 noob ;-) and the happiest one you will ever meet. Phish tour has given me so much; life long friends, and times I will never forget. I consider you all my extended phamily and the feeling I have after these shows are unparalleled by any other experience in my life. I thank you all for being part of it! Let's rage! I would love love love to trade with ya! :)

Member Info

Username: claeng

City: Boulder

State: CO

Zip: 80304

Country: US

Registered: 3/08/11 07:03

Other Info

Age: 25

Gender: female

Interested In: men

Relationship status: single

Filling in the blanks

The band/artist I have seen the most live has been Phish for over 3.5 years.

3 of my other top bands/artists I have seen the most live are Soulive, Wilco, STS9

On my night off you could probably find me Workin' or Ragin'!

One of my favorite shows was Phish 10/30/10

A fun show memory is Getting a ticket outside MSG NYE two minutes into the AC/DC opener from Trey's doorman's son.

My favorite venue is outdoor: red rocks, duh. indoor: 9:30 club DC

My astrological sign is Pisces and that gives me the right to need to be cuddled as much as possible!

If you like me, you'd better like good music and bein' goofy

If I could play any instrument it would be drums!

Two things that are important to have in my life are friends that are like family and and LIVE MUSIC OF COURSE!

I would love to learn how to speak a different language fluently

The quickest way to my heart is genuinely making me laugh as often as possible :) the quickest way to my bed is maybe the same thing as my heart, but dancing is always key.

If im not out seeing live music I am usually camp, hike, chill with my homies

If i could choose anything off the dinner menu it would be hmmm tough one, but i'm always a sucker for a super good sandwich!

Either / Or

Usually dance down or Chill /absorb/ head-nod

Lawn or Pavilion

Camping at a festival or 5 Star Resort

Coffee or Tea

Solar or Fossil Fuels

Wine or Beer

Show up with tickets or Find them on lot

Moma Dance or Slave

Free Trade or Fair Trade

VW bus or Landrover

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