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My fun intro: I\'ve been a true loyal phan since 1992. My first show was Hershey Park 96, last show before The Clifford Ball. My life was changed forever that day!!! Ive been to almost 200 shows since and am so happy that a site like this exists for us REAL PHANS not trying to rape anyone and make a huge profit of e-bay or from scalpers! Lord knows I\'ve been a sucker/victim one too many times on e-bay and I hope that this site will help eliminate those crazy ass prices people are asking for! It\'s Phish people, they love to share their music with us and I have found no other place in the world that people are so nice to eachother and generally all great vibes all around. I hope that I can help someone out there in seach of that ticket they need and that someone does the same for me! I am a 30 yr old single father of a 3yr old son and he is my world!!! I can\'t wait to bring him to his first phish show one day soon!

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Username: salsa

Name: Michael Salcedo

City: Timonium

State: MD

Zip: 21093

Country: US

Phone: 443-690-1606

Registered: 6/28/11 12:06

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Age: 32

Gender: male

Interested In: women

Relationship status: single

Filling in the blanks

The band/artist I have seen the most live has been PHISH for over 17 years.

3 of my other top bands/artists I have seen the most live are Allman bros. band, Grateful Dead, Futhur

On my night off you could probably find me taking care of my 4 yr old son

One of my favorite shows was Va.beach Terrapin encore!

A fun show memory is when i locked eyes w Trey at Starlake and he copied every head shaking dance move i did while playin

My favorite venue is Hampton + MMP

My astrological sign is Scorpio and that gives me the right to have one of best lovers= Scorpios!!!

If you like me, you'd better like PHISH and Kids

If I could play any instrument it would be more than guitar

Two things that are important to have in my life are my son and hopefully fall in love one day

I would love to learn how to be a better father

The quickest way to my heart is loving my son the quickest way to my bed is be yourself!!!

If im not out seeing live music I am usually play guitar/ listen music

A song that usually gets stuck in my head is Reba

If i could choose anything off the dinner menu it would be Filet mingon w/ lobster tail

Either / Or

Usually dance down or Chill /absorb/ head-nod

Lawn or Pavilion

Camping at a festival or 5 Star Resort

Coffee or Tea

Solar or Fossil Fuels

Wine or Beer

Show up with tickets or Find them on lot

Moma Dance or Slave

Sammy Smith or Bud

Free Trade or Fair Trade

VW bus or Landrover

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