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Announcing Major Upgrades

September 12, 2019 - By Jonny Adler

Moments ago, we launched a HUGE round of upgrades, including next day payout for most members! This is the culmination of a summer full of hard work to provide the best platform for real fans. Since we launched Trader's Protection in mid-June, we had a record summer. Over 15,000 new members and by far the most ticket sales and trades we ever had. We asked for feedback to keep improving, and sincerely appreciate all the comments and suggestions. Thank you! We listened, thought about it, programmed, and tested. So check 'em out!

The Fastest Payout For Real Fans

Most sellers get next day payout! Our most trusted members get paid out next day for all sales. This highest trust level goes to those who have more than one year on the platform and have sold or traded with at least 10 different members. All other members with a valid debit card on file get paid out the day after tickets are received. Since most tickets are now digital and can be sent instantly, that means most sellers get next-day payout. Check your payout status and add your debit card now to get faster payout.

Speeding Up Trades: Instant Commit For Buyers!

Do you really wanna score that ticket? Now, buyers can cut through the fluff and instantly commit to any seller. Like a ticket lottery, your card is not charged unless the seller chooses to sell to you. For sellers, this shows you who your most serious buyers are and allows you to pick them to instantly sell your ticket. Don't worry, you can still message without committing if you want to.

Sellers: Make Your Ticket A No Fee Transaction For Buyers

Sellers can now choose to cover the Trader's Protection Fee, so that your ticket shows up in search results as a "no fee transaction." If you have a ticket to an event that isn't sold out, this is a helpful way to compete with the primary market and get your cash out. If a Gold Member buys your ticket, we reduce your payout by 3%. If a free member buys it, we reduce your payout by 10%. So, this is just another way that we help Gold Members score!

More Flexibility With Delivery Options

We added a "meet in person" delivery option and we made it easier to switch between different delivery options. So many friends have been made trading tickets over the years. There's even been some CashorTrade weddings and CashorTrade babies! No joke. While we encourage meet-ups, we caution members against meeting on lot immediately pre-show.

Major Upgrades To Our Communication

We took a microscope to every step of the process to make sure that what we are as helpful and instructive as we can possibly be to finish up your ticket trades. No matter what question you have, the first place to go is to the message string with your trading partner to see what the next steps are.

We have made sweeping changes to our content to clarify our services and answer the common questions we received. There's now an updated How-To Page, FAQ's page, Help Center, and Trader's Protection Page. Check 'em out!

With these major platform improvements launched, we can now turn our attention to so many different ideas and initiatives that we can't wait to unroll. As always, please contact us and let us know what you think.

Thanks so much and #embracetheface

-Jonny Adler