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Cancelstock 2020

March 12, 2020 - By Dana Slattery

With the recent announcements sweeping the festival and music industry regarding health concern cancellations and postponements, here's how we're dealing with the refund process for users who made payments on CashorTrade.

1) Please Do Not attempt to process refunds to one another. We will handle this for you.

2) Postponed events will not be refunded if tickets will be valid at a later date

3) Cancelled events may be refunded upon request as the seller receives credit from the venue

If an event is postponed but the venue is not offering refunds, nothing changes. The seller is still required to supply valid tickets to the buyer regardless of the new date. If the event is reissuing new tickets to the new event, sellers are to deliver the new tickets to the buyer and stay committed to the CashorTrade transaction. The buyer is still set to receive the tickets and attend the event as normal. If the buyer can no longer attend the event at the new date, they may make a post on CashorTrade to resell them.

If an event is cancelled, in most cases, the ticket company for the event will be refunding the original card used to purchase the tickets, and the seller will receive the credit. In this case, if the buyer requests a refund through CashorTrade, we will refund the buyer. We ask all to be cooperative at this time and please keep us informed of such refunds coming through from the venue. In the case CashorTrade has already paid out the seller via their Paypal account, we will charge the seller's card on file and send the funds back to the buyer. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PROCESS REFUNDS WITH ONE ANOTHER. Our Trader's Protection service only applies to payments made on the platform.

If you made a trade on CashorTrade for a cancelled or postponed event, your commitment still stands. Please message each other through the app and work to get it resolved. All payments are backed by Trader's Protection and will follow the policy outlined above.

We're taking the recent concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 very seriously. Large scale cancellations and postponements of music events and festivals such as SXSW, Coachella & Ultra Festival are underway. Fears of the spread of the coronavirus have forced bands like Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, Pearl Jam, and JRAD to either completely reschedule upcoming shows, or postpone them to a later date. Even Umphrey's McGee had to cancel their destination festival in Iceland. Though it's tough to hear about all of these events getting cancelled, we support choosing to err on the side of caution. (Especially in the case of The Capitol Theatre choosing to postpone Phil's 80th Birthday... Keep Phil safe at all costs!)

Cancelled events are not a new territory for us (#CurveballSurvivor). As we did with Curveball, we're asking you to keep calm and be patient and wait to hear from the venue.

We sincerely appreciate all your patience and understanding while we sort this out! If you have further questions please visit our help center and file a support ticket at here. Keep calm, stay hydrated, and whatever you do, please remember to wash your hands and be safe!