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CashorTrade Challenge 2017
January 26, 2017

To shake things up a little this year we have decided to create weekly challenges in exchange for some cool prizes. Each Tuesday we will post a new challenge to our social media and our blog. To enter, you will be asked to complete a small task such as posting a picture and tagging friends. The following Monday we will choose the winner. Keep an eye out for our hashtag #cotchallenge!

Now....check out our Live Challenge below, as well as our previous challenges and their winners.

~ Artist: Andrea Zimmerman Nusinov ~

AZN Pics captures our favorite moments at shows and shares them across social media for all to enjoy. Select pics are available for sale as prints or canvases on Etsy. On instagram: @aznpics; on Twitter: @aznpix; On Facebook: @aznphishpics and on Etsy: www.aznpics.etsy.com

Challenge: Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and on Instagram, and tag three friends in the comments on the post.

Prize: A 5-pack print bundle from artist, Andrea Zimmerman Nusinov.

Winner: Erin Miller 

~ Artist: Bruce Horan ~

For those of you who don't know Bruce Horan, he is an amazing artist within the Phish community and has been part of the Phanart shows since their inception. Bruce is a great CashorTrade fan and friend and has offered up an extrememly generous prize for this weeks COT Challenge.  Not just one print.... but a bundle. Bruce is offering up 5 magnificent prints from Phish's return from hiatus for Summer Tour 2009, as well as an excellent NYE print from American Airlines in Miami 2014-15. Don't miss this great giveaway. Simply follow the directions below on how to enter!

Challenge: Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@cashortrade). Leave a comment on our Facebook post in a few sentences describe a moment at a show where you gave or received an act of kindness.

Prize: A print bundle from artist Bruce Horan feautring original Phish tour fan art. For more information on Bruce you can check out his website here.

Winner: Wendie Soucier who said, "I was on rail in Mexico (gordon side) when a mother asked if her kids could sneak up and share the rail. Of course, was my response...and those kids were so cool and happy and into the music....the next day we were on rail with them again ....only to find out I was in front of them at Dicks....new phishy phriends, fun kids, and awesome people! What a great experience!"

~ Artist: Isadora Bullock ~

Isadora specializes in Phish prints and has created over 50 posters since their return in 2009. She has a studio in Asheville, NC where she makes her prints with hand-carved linoleum. You can check out more of her amazing work here

Challenge: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@cashortrade) and like our Facebook page. Leave a comment on our Facebook post (http://bit.ly/cotchallenge4) with you CashorTrade username and tag 3 friends.

Prize: "The Never Ending Coral Maze" print by Isadora Bullock. 

Winner: Solomon Hay


Challenge: Create your own music themed meme and post it on Instagram tagging us, three friends and the hashtage #cotchallenge3.

Prize: Free ticket to any concert in February of your choosing ($30 max)

Winner: @jslayer2


Challenge: Post your best group photo from Phish Riviera and tag everyone in it!

Prize: A year's subscription for a Gold Membership and you choice of a pin, hat, or tee.

Winner: Angie Lucian


Challenge: Post your best group photo from any New Year's Eve 2016 show and tag all your friends.

Prize: A year's subscription for a Gold Membership and your choice of a pin, hat, or tee.

Winner: Brittany Verde Suenos Barnes

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