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Freeze A Peach: A Vermont Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band
March 28, 2017

Article and pictures by Martin Kelley

March definitely brought the madness to the music scene up in Vermont. There has been no shortage of amazing gigs. With locally and nationally known musicians sharing the stages, the fans have been kept entertained, and on the move.

I was lucky enough to be in attendance to Freeze A Peach: A Vermont Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band at the Rusty Nail in Stowe, VT on Marck 10. These boys played a masterful set of Allman Brothers Band tunes. Staying within the prime years of 1969 to 1973, they played a selection of well known songs like "Blue Sky," "Midnight Rider," and "Sweet Melissa." Also going into some deeper cuts, like "Le Brers in A Minor," "Stand Back," and "Don't Want You No More>Not My Cross To Bear." 

Guitar - Bob Wagner

Guitar - Seth Yacovone

Bass - Dave Decristo

Keys - Tyer Mast

Drums - Steve Hadeka

Drums - Johnny Kimock

Bob Wagner and Seth Yacovone's sharing of guitar and vocal duties was amazing. They smoothly switched between soloing and comping with each other, doing call and response, and giving chase through the sort of dual melodies that gave the Allman Brothers Band its signature sound. Tyler Mast brought of lot of soulful southern color to the sound with the keyboards. The rhythm section certainly came to play that night. Dave Decristo was crushing the low end on the bass guitar, while the dual drum kits of Steve Hadeka and Johnny Kimock kept our hips shaking. Especially enjoyable were the multiple drum breaks that absolutely put the crowd in a trance. After more than adequately filling up two sets of music, they treated us to a powerful encore. Bringing the house down with Bob and Seth sharing vocals on a powerful and gritty rendition of "Whipping Post," they left the fans with something to take home that night.

I later learned from one of the musicians that they only had one rehearsal before this show, since they are such busy guys. Amazing!

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