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Pink Talking Fish Dazzled Crowd With Thrilling Circus Themed Performance

February 27, 2019 - By Sarah Bourque


Last weekend at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, came alive as Pink Talking Fish threw down one hell of a magical performance that will be remembered for a very long time. With the theme of the show based around Phish's debut studio album Junta, as well as the band dropping hints of a circus theme, one could only imagine what would possibly be in store for the evening. They certainly did not disappoint. Upon entering the main event area, it was immediately evident that a playful evening was ahead as you couldn't help but want to get your photo taken at the giant circus display that you could stick your head in for a photo op. Everyone was in high spirits upon seeing the fun atmosphere. There was also face painting and a guy that would make balloon animals, along with more risque arrangements, for patrons. Tons of fans showed up in glitter, David Bowie glam and shiny outfits.

When PTF took to the stage, out came the ringmaster for the evening to start the show - Greg Ormont of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Decked out in a top hat and a super shiny red jacket, he played the part to perfection throughout the night. Excellent choice, PTF! The music was, of course, the entirety of Junta with some Talking Heads and Pink Floyd tunes thrown in as well. The surprise of the evening was having Ben Hunter appear onstage to sing "Free Four" with the band. Who's Ben Hunter and why is he a surprise? Hunter was Phish's first manager and the album Junta was named after him. It was an evening highlight that had the whole place going crazy!

While Ormont may have been the ringmaster for the evening, he also joined in on vocals and guitar throughout. The real hit of the night though was the ever present circus bits that kept changing. Everything from clowns juggling, stilt walkers, hula hoopers, and contortionists to the more daring aerial attractions that involved flying high in the silk, in the hoop or being hooked up to a trapeze to flow freely. All eyes were on the the spectacular sights and no one wanted the show to end. The photos will fill you in where words fail because it really was all about the visuals last weekend. Now we will have to wait for next year to see how Pink Talking Fish tops this performance!

As for Ormont being the ringmaster, if you've yet to see Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, it will make absolute sense when you see him perform on stage why he was the perfect choice for the show. Make sure to check out the the official websites for both Pink Talking Fish and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong for where to catch their fun shows next. If you forget to buy tickets to any show, and it happens to be sold out, just remember that CashorTrade always has your back with fans posting any extras they may have for sale on our website. Last but not least, here's the full and very complete set list for the magical night. Definitely do not miss their Cap show next year! What could possibly top this?

Setlist: Pink Talking Fish | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 2/23/19

Junta Circus: A Full Rendition of Phish's Album "Junta" with Circus Attractions on and off stage

Set 1: Circus Intro*$> Fee*> Once In A Lifetime*% You Enjoy Myself> Learning To Fly> You Enjoy Myself*$$^ Free Four^^ Esther%% Life During Wartime*! Golgi Apparatus!!

Set 2: Foam+ Have A Cigar*++> Dinner And A Movie*= Cities Divided Sky> Great Gig In The Sky==?> Divided Sky== David Bowie> Fame*{> David Bowie This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Fluffhead{{ Contact*[ Union Federal[[ Brain Damage?"> Sanity*""> Brain Damage*?""> Eclipse*?""> Icculus*?""!!!

E: Burning Down The House*?%

* with Greg Ormont as The Ringmaster % with Big Apple Circus ensemble - various acts %% Big Apple Circus acted out the story of Esther. This included Human Marionette with strings being pulled by a Stilt Walker. She also did an arial performance. $ Introduction over the music of Esther. The Intro had various Junta character references $$ with The Ringmaster and Circus Troupe jumping on trampolines ^ with Greg Ormont on guitar and vocal jam ^^ with Ben "Junta" Hunter on vocals (The album Junta was named after Ben, who was Phish's first manager) ! with Big Suit Clowns dancing and a Hoop Show. Ringmaster also danced in a suit !! with Commemorative Ticket Stubs falling from the balcony + with Bubbles filling the room and a performer in a large bubble dancing with feathers ++ with Stilt Walking Clown and a Contortionist Cigar feature = with The Ringmaster taking a date to dinner and a movie. Big Apple Circus troupe set the stages vaudevillian style and played characters during dinner and a movie == with Aerial Show ? with Maryn Azoff on vocals { with The Ringmaster and Glam Dancers {{ with Pin Juggling and other Circus Flare [ with Cyr Wheel, Hoos, Unicycles and The Ringmaster on a Hobby Horse [[ with Clown Show " with Contortionist Violin. During "The Lunatic Is In My Head", the band started laughing and the entire ensemble came out laughing which went into Sanity "" with Full ensemble acting insane !!! with The Ringmaster doing the Narration as a show closing Thank You