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Progressive Blend Radio interviews CashorTrade!
December 11, 2011

LIVE from Washington, DC, Progressive Blend Radio interviews CashorTrade for the second time since the websites launch in February of 2009. Hosts DJ Downtown and Eddie Herradura speak with Brando from CashorTrade about the community mission toward promoting face value tickets and fair trade within the live music community.

Progressive Blend Radio airs every Sunday at 5pm East/2pm West, bringing their listener’s up-to-date commentary of the next generation in progressive political discussion and live music. PBR has been a long time supporter of CashorTrade.org and promotes the active roll this community plays in creating a fair trade economy amongst the live music scene.

Brando goes on to discuss the new features being implemented within CashorTrade.org 4.0. They include the ability to import the CashorTrade trade list (API) into 3rd party websites, giving their users instant access to participate in the face value community. Other features include the ability to buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value, offer housing and rides shares, the ability to upload merchandise while encouraging participation in expanding the after show and tour hot spot directory.

To demonstrate their gratitude to the growing face value community of almost 13,000 active registered users, and over 100,000 unique visitors in 2011, they are giving away 14 tickets for 7 bands performing across the country this New Years Eve. The New Years Eve Ticket Giveaway\" winners will be announced on December 16, 2011. Check CashorTrade.org for details.

Have a happy holiday, and join face value ticket trading community in 2012 as they change the face in how tickets are ethically distributing in the secondary market. As the CashorTrade.org slogan states, “Embrace the Face”. See you in the new year. Cheers!

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