The Loss of Tom Petty

Published: October 3, 2017

Written By: Brando Rich

Last night we lost a huge name in the music world, Tom Petty. There are so many emotions that come to mind when thinking about someone like him. He was such a talented singer and songwriter, taken away from this realm far too soon. Petty lived for 66 years, playing music for nearly 40. He drew inspiration from Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones creating timeless classics that have become staples in the American music cataloge. He was a humble artist who was known loved by people from all over the world and he was respected greatly by his peers. Bob Dylan has called Petty "a masterful poet". Here is an interview that gives a very intimate look at the kind of artist and person he was.

Tom Petty will be missed greatly by us all. He was a legend and a classic, the music that he has left us with will live on through our stereos and in our hearts.