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We just launched new Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit groups for each state, band, and festival, helping fans stay up-to-date with regional and band specific events. A new exposure tool auto posts to these sites, giving your trades more exposure than ever before.

Regional Facebook Groups

Now with CashorTrade regional Facebook groups, members can stay posted to what tickets are popping up for a specific state. Please take a moment to join some groups, and add your friends. Click on a state/city below to be taken to the CashorTrade Facebook group.

The link structure looks like this: http://facebook.com/groups/cashortrade.co for Colorado and http://facebook.com/groups/cashortrade.ga for Georgia.

Some Canadian Groups Too! Ottawa Toronto Vancouver

Regional Twitter Accounts

As we know many of you are Twitter heads too, we thought some similar Twitter accounts couldn't hurt either. Click on a state below to be taken to the CashorTrade Twitter feed.

The link structure looks like this: http://twitter.com/cashortrade_co for Colorado and http://twitter.com/cashortrade_ga for Georgia.

Band & Festival Groups

Of course, having separate groups for specific bands makes great sense too.

Below are just some of the band Twitter and Facebook groups we have created. This is just a start. We will be adding more and more as this new feature grows.


We also created a couple sub-reddit accounts too! If your a reddit user please join our sub-reddits and help spread the word to others.

As we are not sure how busy these will be we figure we would start with just a couple accounts and see where it goes.



We need your help! ISO: CashorTrade.org Ambassadors

Lastly, we would love your help to help us grow these specific groups. We are looking for Ambassadors for each state, and for a band to help us maintain the feeds and promote them locally.

We have lots of ideas for these positions and would like to create a tight knit group of folks working together to promote and engage the groups and build the face value movement.

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