We are a community of real fans

No scalpers, no brokers...
just real people sharing our love for music.

We are kind: we launched the site in 2009 on tour with your input. Built for fans by fans.

We are transparent: as a buyer you know where your ticket is coming from, and as a seller you can be assured you are hooking up a real fan. Check their profile, read their reviews, chat & even meet up for second set!

How it Works

Trader's Protection™

The most comprehensive insurance service for fans buying & selling tickets.

On CashorTrade both buyers and sellers are protected by Trader's Protection™, a 100% money back guarantee on all ticket purchases and sales. CashorTrade accepts payment from buyers via credit or debit card, protects the trade by holding funds in escrow, and promptly pays out each seller.
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Buying Basics

Set Up Alerts! Go Gold to get alerted by text, email and the app when your ticket shows up.

Relax! CashorTrade is not first-come, first-serve. Take a moment to write a note to the seller so that they know you’re a real fan.

Keep Trying! 80% of tickets trade within 2 weeks of the event.

Selling Basics

Get started: download the app, create an account, and search for the tickets that you want.

Build Trust:

Be descriptive! Explain why you’re selling.

Upload a receipt to show it’s face value

Upload a screenshot of the ticket, but do NOT show the barcode!

Ship WITH insurance and tracking but WITHOUT delivery confirmation


Trading Basics

Give options: if you are willing to consider alternative trades, say so!

Be descriptive: make sure your title explains your trade options.

Gain exposure: didn’t find your trade? Copy and paste the link to your post and share it to your social media and to our many fan groups. You can find a list of them here.

TRADING IS FREE, but only cash payments are covered by Trader’s Protection.

Gain exposure to 200,000 fans! Share the link to your post to your social media and our artist, festival and regional fan groups.

Have Questions?

1. Go back to the conversation for next steps: The app instructs you what to do next in the conversation with your trading partner.
2. Visit our Knowledgebase or FAQ’s
3. Submit a support ticket.

Charges on CashorTrade

Become a leader in the Face Value Movement: Go Gold for $4/mo. Includes Trader's Protection™ with NO Platform Fee, & a 10-minute head start to respond to new listings. Or, continue as a FREE member & get Trader's Protection™ with a 10% platform fee.

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Please be kind, buy and sell at or below face plus fees, and follow these basic rules.


  • Never pay outside of the platform
  • Confirm receipt of your tickets within 24 hours of delivery
  • Report any issues redeeming your ticket immediately
  • Leave reviews!


  • Face value trading only
  • Never pay or accept payment outside of the platform
  • Leave reviews!


  • Deliver valid tickets within 24 hours of payment
  • Make reasonable efforts to help the buyer with any issues receiving or redeeming tickets
  • If you ship hard tickets, do so WITH tracking and insurance but WITHOUT delivery confirmation.
  • Never accept payment outside of the platform
  • Leave reviews!

How We Stack Up

Which platform do you think cares more about their members?

CashorTrade Other Ticket Platforms
Cost for buyers $4/mo or 10%*
* credit card fees not included
20% - 30%
Cost for sellers FREE 8% - 15%
Payout Next day or when
tickets are received
After tickets received
or after the event
Ticket Brokers? Nope Yup
Scalpers? Nope Yup
Ticket Karma Yes! It's real! No dice