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Finalize a Trade

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Step 1 – Press Commit

- If you accept the terms within the trade discussion, click commit.

- BOTH parties need to press the commit button to solidify a trade.

- After committing, they have 24 hours to commit back, or you can uncommit.

- One-sided commits are not solidified agreements.

Step 2 – Upload Receipt or Proof of Purchase

- When one purchases a ticket online they receive an email receipt.

- After double commit, seller or trader should upload proof of purchase.

- The upload button is located under the reply tab

Step 3 – Make a Payment

- Make payment ASAP only AFTER receiving Proof of Purchase.

- Only ship AFTER receiving payment.

- Only pay through the payment tab in the inbox, use the PayPal button.

* Buyers

- COT does not charge fees.

- You do not need PayPal to pay someone. If they have PayPal, you can use a credit card.

- NEVER wire $ through Western Union, Never send $ as a gift through PayPal.

- Do not send $ to an email address, use the button.

* Sellers

- You can accept cash or check, accepting a credit card is a convenience, use PayPal.

- You do not need a credit card to create a PayPal Account but it is preferred. Sign Up »

- Paypal charges a small 2.9% + .30 cent fee backed with verification.

Step 4 – Ship It / Transfer It

- For electronic transfer of Ticketmaster/ LiveNation Tickets »

- Reply within 24 hours or a trade will be subject for review.

- Ask for a phone number for extended clarification.

- Communicate within the threads & keep full documentation & gain assistance if needed.

- Ship your item as soon as possible, but only after receiving payment first.

- SHIPPING INSURANCE! It is a wise idea to purchase insurance before mailing your package. USPS Priority shipping comes with $50 insurance, but depending on how many tickets your sending, you may want to bump this up. If lost in the mail, you will be refunded and can then refund the original buyer.

- Gain a tracking # and post it using the shipping tab.

- Make trades BEFORE! you get to the parking lot.*************** why

- Even mail your ticket to a friend and have them make the trade in person.

- If not mailing meet at coffee shops, hotels, or any common public safe place.

Step 5 – Leave a Review

- Leave a review to help build eachother's profile.

- You can only review a member if you BOTH committed.

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To leave a review visit your inbox. Filter for all trades that you need to leave a review for. Click the thread and scroll down inside the discussion. Click the "gray review tab" and leave a review for the member.



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