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Trade Tracker! Alert Tool just released!!
August 23, 2013

Thanks to your contributions we have been able to complete and launch this new feature.  Trade tracker is a tool we have been dreaming about for a long time and it is finally here in beta.  This is one of the many new additions being released and offered as part of the Gold Membership at CashorTrade.org

With trade tracker, you can sit back and let system do the work.  We have made it simple to create an alert.  The moment a hot ticket is posted to the website that meets your criteria you will be instantly alerted via text message and email.   Click the alert link and be directed to that newly added post viewable both in the website and mobile app.

We will be rolling out many new tools in the next week.  Stay tuned as we take CashorTrade to the next level and revolutionize the in which fans buy, sell, and trade tickets at face value.

Become a Gold Member today and embrace the face.

Dusty and Brando


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