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CashorTrade.org iPhone App Released!! SiriusXM Radio announcement
August 27, 2014

Today we released the world's first Face Value Ticketing iPhone App, now available for FREE download. Thank you all so much for joining the face value movement & a special thanks goes to our Gold Members who funded the App release and propelled the service forward. Your memberships afforded us the opportunity to create and launch the new website, the moblie webapp, and now the new iPhone app.

Since the launch of the new features 13 months ago the site has nearly doubled gaining 18,000 new sign ups! Over 3,000 positive reviews where left in the last month alone. When we began this project we had no idea how many lives it would impact.

Become a Gold Member so we can continue to build this system & release an Android and Windows App. We are working hard to create increased access to face value tickets and to spring board the movement into the global arena...setting the new standard. We just got back from the SiriusXM headquarters in New York where we were making the big announcement.

As we like to say, “We're all in this together. Embrace the face!"

Download the iPhone App

Listen to the SiriusXM interview & Go Gold to get the Android & Windows Apps rolling.

The press release on:


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