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Published: December 11, 2019

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"We're so happy to announce this partnership with Cash or Trade. We share their mission to promote face value ticket exchanges for our shows and the value they provide to the community at large to avoid scalping and fake tickets being sold to our fans" - Rich, Ben, Trevor and Peter

Sometimes things happen so naturally that the universe appears conspire with itself. That's how this Goose-CashorTrade partnership came around. This fall, the Goose got loose and started popping up everywhere: the CashorTrade office playlist on Spotify, our news feeds with show reviews like this one, from the No Simple Road Osiris just kept coming. We even stumbled on a petition to make there be a Goose emoji (we're pretty sure the signatories increased by about 50% when the fans found it). So when their team asked for help keeping tickets in the hands of the real Goose fans who are lifting them up, we were honored to step up.

Each sold out show will now direct Goose fans to to buy, sell and trade with each other at face value. The more Goose fans use CashorTrade, the more reviews they gain on their profiles, and the more face value tickets they can score. Here at CashorTrade, we will follow their travels every step of the way and keep you in the loop as the band continues to blow up.

One thing is clear: catch these boys NOW, this tour, while they are on the rise and before it becomes one of the hardest tickets to score. The sonic range of these 4 is impressive, ranging from reggae to ska to a truly funky sound that is all held down by driving bass and drums and a tight interplay between guitar and keyboard. Fans are catching on, and Goose is laying eggs.

We're so proud to add Goose to our face value family. To celebrate, we're running a giveaway for a pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT show at Cervantes in Denver this Friday, with more giveaways to come later in the tour!

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