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  Amplify April 2, 2018
Five Shows with CashorTrade's Brando Rich.

“The ever-changing industry of music is something that most of us know and love. However, it does come with it’s fair share of headaches. Brando Rich, web engineer from Vermont, decided that was enough. He had to find a way to get face value tickets back to the fans. Not long ago there were ticketing companies that you could trust and weren’t killing your wallet with fees. However, it seems that now everyone is out there to make you pay.”

  Roots Magazine April 2, 2018
The Fight for Face Values

“The ever-changing industry of music is something that most of us know and love. However, it does come with it’s fair share of headaches. Brando Rich, web engineer from Vermont, decided that was enough. He had to find a way to get face value tickets back to the fans. Not long ago there were ticketing companies that you could trust and weren’t killing your wallet with fees. However, it seems that now everyone is out there to make you pay.”

  PollStar, December 19, 2017
How Cash Or Trade Moved 50K Phish Tix at Face Value

“One of the things we could pride ourselves on mostly is that we have an amazing community of real fans,” Cash Or Trade founder and CEO Brando Rich told Pollstar. “Nationwide and across the globe, they’re rising up to come together and create this movement, scoring tickets for face value or less, gaining reviews and building credibility. Because of that, we feel it is disrupting the current business model of primary ticketing.”

  Strangers Stopping Strangers, December 18, 2017
Podcast #56 – Conversation With Brando Rich

Brando and I also talk about the social aspect of Cash or Trade- where people end up meeting through their ticket transactions- meet up before the show for a beer or whatever, and become friends- very Strangers Stopping Strangers ! Brando and I talk about a few of his meaningful shows, that tie into the Deadhead community. His first Grateful Dead show at age 14, at the Boston Garden in 1993, his return to TD Garden to see Dead and Company almost 23 years later (how the venue has changed in more ways than its name) to Fare Thee Well- a real game changers for so many of us Deadheads getting out and buying tickets to see shows!

  Helping Friendly Podcast, December 12, 2017
Episode 125: Interview w/CashorTrade

This week, we're happy to have Brando from CashorTrade on the podcast. We talk a lot about his Phish journey and about the great platform their team has built.We also play some music, tapping into the New Year's spirit. Set info is below (but the entire show is amazing to revisit, especially at this time of year).

  Al.com , November 29, 2017
Is this website becoming the Airbnb of concert tickets?

Their favorite band was reuniting for three March 2009 shows at Virginia’s Hampton Coliseum, but longtime Phish fans Brando and Dustin Rich were on the outside looking in. Even though the brothers had hopped online immediately when they went on sale and attempted to purchase tickets. These would be the first concerts Phish, a group melding Frank Zappa and Steely Dan influences into their own improvisational sound, had played together in five years.

  SiriusXM, November 12, 2017
Brando talks CashorTrade on Tales from The Golden Road

Nice interview with Gary Lambert and David Gans with Tales from the Golden Road from the Grateful Dead Channel on SiriusXM.Give a listen to the 3 callers after the interview. The second one is a lady who is quite the nut… but she ties in wanting to use CashorTrade in the end. The third guy has used the site a number of times and had great things to say! Read More

  Burlington Free Press, November 4, 2017
Turkeys trotting down Church Street help hungry families this Thanksgiving

Other organizations are stepping in to help as well. Burlington-based CashorTrade.org, a ticket platform that helps concertgoers avoid scalpers by offering tickets at face value, announced Friday that it’s beginning a campaign called “Strangers Feeding Strangers.” CashorTrade.org will donate 50 percent of its “gold member” proceeds between Wednesday and Nov. 15 to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. Read More

  Huffington Post, November 3, 2017
How a Vermont Tech Startup is Disrupting the Concert-Going Experience as we Know It.

Founded by Brando and Dusty Rich, CashorTrade came to life after the brothers were shut out of Phish’s triumphant return to Hampton Coliseum. The website supplied over 50,000 tickets to fans at face value throughout Phish’s recent Baker’s Dozen, amounting to nearly 25% of all the seats Madison Square Garden sold during the 13-night run. It is been called the “Airbnb of tickets.” They are disrupting a $9 billion industry that is expected to reach $15 billion by 2020, taking on ticket giants such as Stubhub and TicketsNow. Read More

  Playboy September 1, 2017
I Went to 13 Straight Phish Shows, Lost My Mind and Found Myself

I had to get down to the floor. Because I would miss the second Saturday show for a wedding (non-negotiable), I had a bargaining chip. At Cash or Trade, a no-scalpers website-slash-trust exercise populated with offers, I found someone willing to take my Friday and Saturday in exchange for their General Admission floor seat for the Friday. Bam! I was in. As I sat in the bar above MSG, I had new power. I was on the floor! The ticket itself was a beautiful art piece—earned by those who ordered early—a palm-sized laminated doughnut that won’t even fit in a wallet. I bought beers for strangers, bragged about my assignment, and got steadily drunk. A flurry of texts to the barber and other potential floor friends yielded no results—I would go it alone. Read More

  BroBible July 2017
13 Reasons You Should Go See Phish In NYC For The Historic ‘Baker’s Dozen’ 13 Concerts

It’s really not expensive to get into these concerts. Sure, if you try and attend all 13 concerts you’ll end up spending a tiny fortune. But if you want to pay face value at CashorTrade for one night of tickets you won’t spend a lot of money at all…And that’s good, you want to save money to spend on beers once you’re in the venue. Read More

  Jambase, May 10, 2017
Riding The Rail Of The Secondary Market: Brando Rich’s CashorTrade Face-Value Ticket Crusade

“Our goal is to disrupt an industry and be the Airbnb of tickets,” Brando said. “A fan-to-fan exchange is a fun idea among friends, but our plan is to become a real live alternative to the secondary market and compete with these billion dollar scalper companies.” Brando and his team are currently exploring opportunities for investment and endorsement while actively expanding the site’s offerings for tickets, now totalling over 3,000 artists. Read More

  Seven Days, April 5, 2017
Cash or Trade Reimagines the Secondary Ticket Market

Veterans of some 250 Phish shows, they turned to the secondary market. And they were discouraged, bordering on offended, to find tickets going for far higher than face value. "They were literally $2,000 a piece," recalls Brando Rich, from Cash or Trade's cramped third-floor office on Church Street. He sports a trucker cap and a dark, bushy beard flecked with gray — the familiar uniform of the grown-up Green Mountain Phish-head. "We were floored, having been such longtime fans," he continues. "So we thought, Something needs to change." Read More

  Semrush, May 12, 2016
Sure-Fire Ways to Buy Tickets to Best-Selling Events

CashorTrade.org. One of the most popular online trade marketplaces uses a community-based model and allows fans to sell, buy and trade tickets at face value. Users simply need to sign up and add a new post, whether they want to buy, sell or trade tickets. Gold community members will receive an instant text notification if a new post matches their criteria. Also, users can easily share posts on social media. Read More

  Live For Live Music, April 7, 2016
CashorTrade ‘Breaks The Internet’ With New Regional & Band-Specific Accounts

Our friends at CashorTrade.org have just launched some new features via Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit groups for each state, band, and festival, which will help fans stay up-to-date with regional and band specific events. In the continuing fight against the ticket scalping black market, these new features will give your potential trades more exposure than ever before. Read More

  Chicago Tribune, June 26, 2015
What It Means To Embrace The Face: An Interview With CashorTrade.org Founder Brando Rich Six years ago, Brando Rich, who runs a Web design company in Burlington, Vt., had a graceful response. A Dead (and Phish) head himself, he created CashorTrade.org, a concert-ticket service that allows three kinds of transactions: You can trade a ticket, and buy or sell a ticket, but only at the primary market face value. "Basically I got tired of being shut out of tickets and being asked to pay too much at resale," he said.Read MoreRead More

  Live For Live Music, February 25, 2015
What It Means To Embrace The Face: An Interview With CashorTrade.org Founder Brando Rich

With tickets for “Fare Thee Well” Grateful Dead reunion concert going on sale this Saturday, many of us are fearing exorbitant StubHub scalper prices. We spoke to the man who’s doing everything he can to fight the scalpers, CashorTrade co-founder Brando Rich, who shared his thoughts on the Grateful Dead tickets and fair trading ticket policies in general.Read More Read More

  AdWeek, October 14, 2014
Where to Get Tickets to Sold Out Shows

Sites like Cash or Trade allow buyers to deal directly with sellers, and sellers at CoT sell tickets at face value (i.e. the selling price of the ticket) or below. Buyer feedback for the site is generally good, and it’s easy to find reputable sellers with reviews and verification. Not every seller has reviews, though, and inventory for really popular sold-out shows is typically limited compared to other sites.Read More Read More

  ShowBams, October 1, 2014
10 tips to avoid getting scammed by ticket scalpers

One under-the-radar resource for buying tickets to sold-out events is CashorTrade.org, a website for ethically selling or trading tickets — you can’t sell tickets for over face value. The website uses a community-based model, directly connecting fans without any markup or fees. As Steven Wandrey mentioned, “CoT isn’t verified but if someone has good rep ratings on there the chances are much higher than not that the tickets are legit.” That said, Stubhub doesn’t verify ticket sales either (but the buyer does have a credit card on file), and CashorTrade.org will assist you if any problems arise. Using CashorTrade.org can save you money compared to using the mighty corporate behemoth StubHub.Read More Read More

  Live For Live Music, August 27, 2014
CashOrTrade Announces Launch Of An iPhone App

CashOrTrade.org, everyone’s favorite fair trade online marketplace, announced the launch of a free iPhone app today. The app will offer push notifications as well as increased user functionality.For those who may be unfamiliar, CashOrTrade.org is “the world’s first social ticketing platform where fans buy, sell, & trade tickets at face value for cash or trade. [Their] mission is to help fans obtain tickets at face value and to provide a health alternative to scalping while building the very community we all know and love!” Read More

  Live For Live Music, July 1, 2013
Support Face Value Tickets: CashorTrade.Org Asks for a Little Help From Fellow Fans

Every concert-goer at one point or another has faced the dreaded “Sold Out” screen, or has mistakenly bought tickets for the wrong day of the concert; being stuck with the difficult decision of attempting to deal with a scalper or putting the ticket up on Craigslist is always a risk, one that many people don’t want to take, so they miss out or eat the cost. Read More

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