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   Wed 6/17/15 10:52:00am | #158633 via Desktop | Viewed: 238 times

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DetroitWolf's Reviews (81)    Avg. Rating: 4.5 
Non-responsive, impossible to communicate with almost missed the show     - Rating: 2.0

Post: One Friday Pit Ticket For ANY Two Seats Together (no Behind Stage)

~ In the end I did end up getting my tickets for GD fare thee well. The process of trying to communicate and meet up with him was a mess. We tried many different times and many different ways to meet up with him, but all these attempts failed because of a lack of communication. When it finally came to the day of the show, he again was terrible at communicating. We almost missed the show and missed the first few songs because he would not pick up his phone or communicate. Overall, I did receive my tickets but I would not have if not for my incessant calling and heckling him.5/01/16

Tough Ticket!     - Rating: 4.0

Post: Have: Chicago STEAL YOUR FACE VIP Reserved SECTION 108 ROW 7 ISO:(4) SC Saturday Section 137 And (4) SC Sunday Section 137

~ Just noticed there was no review here! I know I wrote one, not sure what happened - my apologies! These tickets were a full time job for many of us that stepped up to ensure all our friends who wanted in got in. DetroitWolf was the king, he's a kind brother with a big heart. Between everyone traveling from Santa Clara and all over the country to Chicago, coupled with the tickets being shipped out late, the last minute logistics were chaos. I believe ultimately he found out the consequence of being too kind when a few trades went bad and set off a chain reaction with other trades. He did the best he could, but was clearly overwhelmed!!4/27/16

Came through in the end!!!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: I HAVE (2) GA Floor For Sunday Cali, I NEED (2) Chicago Friday Or Sunday

~ Dave is a great guy and a man of his word. When things fell apart with our trade because his tickets fell through...he was able to make it right by working out another trade for me. Thanks again Dave! Cheers10/13/15

Hooked up; but very close call     - Rating: 4.0

Post: Have 1 7/5 Looking To Trade For 7/4

~ Really lucked out with the timing of this transaction. It took a long time to track Dave down, but fortunately was able to meet up and complete the exchange. Unfortunately I learned through several emails from other traders that they weren't as fortunate, which sucks. I think he was in way over his head for those Dead shows; but he made my weekend!10/12/15

Wolf's the Man!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: 4 SC Sunday Restricted View Tickets For Trade. Multiple Options Inside. Check It!

~ Did just like he said he would and came through with the goods! Thanks for the sweet tickets bruddah!8/24/15

Great CoT Member     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FT: Nice SantaClara For MPP Or Aaron's

~ Worked like a charm. Eventually met face to face in Atlanta. Thanks again for making this all work out!8/18/15

It was a long strange trip.     - Rating: 3.0

Post: 1 GD50 Fare Thee Well Reserved For Each Fri/Sat For 2 Sun GD50

~ Dave sought me out for a trade to my post about 1 month prior to the Chicago FTW as I was trying to trade my single Fri and Sat for 2 sun. Had trouble contacting him between the Santa Clara shows and when we were supposed to meet fri. Finally got a hold of his wife 90 min after we were supposed to meet. He said we had to go to will call to get my tickets. He brought his dog with and went to will call with his buddy. He had trouble getting back to will call and had to use my phone to get his emails so he could prove he had tix. Couldn't bring his dog back so I ended up holding on to his dog while he took my phone in to will call to get tix. He comes back with no tickets as he couldn't get them until 4. He ended up giving me two singles for Sunday as what we agreed upon for two together for Sunday. I tried calling and texting Saturday to trade the tix he have me the singles to get what we agreed upon for two together but never responded.

In the end, the tix were legit but I feel that someone else got screwed as I got there tix. He is a nice guy but was just really in over his head making too many trades. I'm glad it still worked out for me so we could all get in.8/11/15

Great exchange!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: 2 Phish Pavilions For Sat.

~ Dave is the epitome of the CorT spirit. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with the Detroit Wolf again. Thanks Dave. I hope you had a great show.8/08/15

GD50 trade     - Rating: 5.0

Post: My Kingdom For Your Chicagos

~ Went off without a hitch. Thanks!!8/06/15

good times     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Kind Trade For Phish Atlanta Tickets

~ Dave is a man of his word. Easy to deal with and he was in communication the whole time. My experience was five stars!!8/02/15

thanks!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For Sale Mann Lawns, 1 Each Night $110 For The Set, Shipping Included

~ Flawless transaction8/01/15

Prolific Dead50 Trader     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS: 2 Sunday Santa Clara Sect. 110...face No Fees

~ Dave took care of many, including myself, for Dead50 trade. Good communication, prompt, and easy meet up is what our trade was all about. Kudos to an awesome trader!7/29/15

A Plus trader     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Have : 2 Phish Shoreline 201 Row U ISO: Grateful Dead Any

~ Super communicative, easy to find on the lots to make the trade. Seems like he's fighting the good fight making sure his crew gets in the door. Would definitely trade again.7/29/15

Super fast payment!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS 2 Lawn Tickets Wed 8/12 Mann Music Center

~ Sold DetroitWolf some PTBM and he paid instantly! I would sell tickets to him again.7/27/15

Good & honest guy from whom I would buy tickets again...     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For Jamesbkennedy ONLY

~ I bought tickets for the Santa Clara FTW shows from Dave. He was very easy to work with and was very willing to work with a solo traveler who's a newbie to this site.

There was a hiccup with one of the tickets not arriving in time so I purchased a cheap ticket to get inside-- after all, it's about the experience of being there. Dave gladly reimbursed me the cost of the ticket in question..

If he has tickets for sale for a future event I would like to attend, I would be more than willing to buy from Dave again.


Great communicator     - Rating: 5.0

Post: PHISH - Mann Night 1 And Merriweather Night 1 - 2 Tix Each

~ DetroitWolf is a great communicator and helpful as well.7/22/15

Great Trader     - Rating: 5.0

Post: OPhishal Trades For Grateful Dead Post - Alpine Pavs, Shoreline Pavs And More

~ Second time I've dealt with Detroitwolf, both times he lived up to his promise & came through with the tickets he said that he would.7/19/15

Smooth transaction     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS: 4 6/27 Santa Clara Sec140 Row6 FACE FEES

~ Sold him four tickets in a great section for Santa Clara Fare Thee Well, David was accommodating and stayed in touch well.7/16/15

DON'T TRUST this person     - Rating: 1.0

Post: My GD 7/3 For Your GD 7/4

~ We worked on this trade for many weeks, simple Fri for Sat, GD50 was all set to go.

I arrived in Chicago and had to track Dave down by phone at 3pm prior to show do to no response via COT. He did not have the ticket to trade and we were left scrambling in Chicago to find the toughest ticket of the decade. He also promised to text me info on how he could assist me find another option, he didn't.

He left me flat hanging. Completely bunk transaction with no courtesy to facilitate any solution. DO NOT TRUST this trader.7/15/15

Go for it     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Phish Shoreline For Either GD Santa Clara

~ Real nice guy, easy to deal with!7/13/15

Reliable and Super Kind Person!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For DetroitWolf Only - Part Two

~ This is my second review as part of a complex trade completed with DetroitWolf. We exchanged several tickets and money in the process of several months. DetroitWolf was true to his word and help me realize my dream of being in the pit for both Santa Clara Grateful Dead shows. He even helped my good friend find Chicago GD tickets. He communicated well with me throughout our two-month trade, often multiple times within the same day. He paid when he was supposed to pay and delivered on tickets, as promised. He is a great person whom I am happy to have met. I would not hesitate to trade with DetroitWolf in the future. Thanks again, amigo!7/13/15

Great Person! An Asset to the CoT Community!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For DetroitWolf Only

~ DetroitWolf and I discussed various ticket options for over two months and helped each other find tickets. He kept in touch the entire time, was reliable, paid promptly, and we met in person to exchange tickets. I would not hesitate to trade with him again. In fact, I feel like I made a new friend!7/13/15

Grate Guy All Around! Goes Out of His Way!     - Rating: 5.0


~ What a Guy! Not only did we make things happen but we are friends now too! I can't say enough good things about this dude! He tries to make sure everyone is happy and that's what it's all about! Thanks Brother! I owe you one!7/11/15

Amazingly kind dead head!!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Have: 2 Santa Clara Sunday Section C135 ISO: 2 Chicago Tickets

~ Very easy to communicate with. Very trustworthy. Did all and more than what he said he would! Thank you kind sir for a real good time!,, could not have done it without you!7/10/15

many thanks!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Selling As Package Only:Chicago 7/4 Single Section 251and (4) Santa Clara 6/28 Section 420

~ Thanks again for hooking me up on Saturday! Great seller!7/09/15

No problems for me     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Trading Grateful Dead Chicago Tickets(4 These I Need SC VIP Or Sec 301-314)/Dear Jerry/Widespread RedRocks Fri/Sun For More Or Better Grateful Dead Ti

~ I made a trade with Dave, drove up and we met at his home. I traded 2 SC for 2 Chicago, and dave came through. I know a lot of you did not have this experience and Dave may bit off to much trying to help, but others where the ones that did not get dave the tickets for you. I think this points out the fact the this site guarantees you nothing, in situation like this, did they step in and help Dave? Dave thank you for coming through for me and had a magical thank to you... I think you may want to also send you negative reviews to the admin on this site, and ask them what they can do to help you.7/09/15

Disappeared!     - Rating: 1.0

Post: FT: (2) Or (4) Grateful Dead 7/5 Section 331

~ Dave dissappeared a week before the shows and never responded to complete the trade. He is trading tickets that he doesn't have. Trade at your own risk!7/09/15

Good intentions but too much going on     - Rating: 3.0

Post: Selling Chicago Ticket Bundle: 7/3 Single Section 251 , 7/4 Single Section 350, (2) 7/3 New Riders(BottomLounge), (1) 7/2 Leftover Salmon(ParkWest)

~ My experience with working with Dave wasn't great and it wasn't a nightmare. I purchased 4 tickets and only received two of them. He did refund me after the shows for the missing two tickets, but my friend was shut out of one and I couldn't go to the other because of it. Long story short, he just had too many trades/purchases depending on other trades and purchases and was in *way* over his head for Chi Dead50. All in all, is a decent guy with good intentions. I hope that he's learned his lesson from that weekend.7/09/15

great trade     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Trading July 3-6 (Paid, July 3-6 $501 Total)Congress Hotel For Grateful Dead Either/ANY(face Cash Difference)

~ Dave came through big time. Hooked up a great trade.7/08/15

Great CoT Member     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For: Detroitwolf ONLY

~ Worked great. Paid up ASAP. Would work with 10/10 in the future.7/08/15

Top notch     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Looking For 1 Lower Level For Either Night Of Santa Clara!

~ Dave,

Thanks for helping me see GD in Santa Clara. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks!7/07/15

Never made an effort to meet up     - Rating: 1.0

Post: 6 Santa Clara For Any Night Chicago

~ Tried to contact Dave for three days and he basically made just enough communication to make me think he was a good dude.

He took 2 of my SC tickets and never came through with the Chicago 7/5 tickets as promised. Don't trade.

Dave, you can send me $460 to cover the tickets expense.7/07/15

Scammed me...... Chicago GD 50     - Rating: 1.0

Post: Trades For Grateful Dead Tickets

~ Well it's sad that I have to leave this review for Dave.

Had a very large ticket trade lined up with Dave. Had followed through on my side of the trade and sent him Santa Clara tickets and Mann tickets as part of the trade. Kept following up with Dave up to Chicago. He would assure me during this time that all was good. Then a week before he started giving me the run around, after that he wouldn't answer anymore. Even a day before the shows he told me "tickets in hand." Then he didn't show to exchange tickets.

I am now forced to cancel the Mann tickets that I sold him through my trade to recoup some of the cost that I lost.

Will NEVER trade with Dave again.7/07/15

Terrible Person- Avoid at all costs     - Rating: 1.0

Post: FT: 7/4 Club Seat For Cheaper 7/4 Ticket

~ Dave is a dumbass that screwed countless people out of thousands of dollars. I upheld my end of the deal and sent his ticket well before the show. The week leading up the the show he would hardly respond to me about my ticket. Finally, I got his attention the day of the show after I threatened to cancel the ticket I sent him. He then lied and said he would have my ticket soon but of course that didn't happen. Now, he won't respond again and still hasn't sent my money back.

I feel terrible for the other people who spent so much effort and money to get to Chicago only to get dicked over by this idiot. Luckily, I got in the show but I know of many others who did not because of Dave. He should be permanently banned from the site.7/07/15

Dear Jerry eTickets     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For Shavarsh ONLY

~ Was concerned about the security of the eTickets however they scanned good at the door, very happy with the experience.7/06/15

You Can Trust This Man     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Trade: 2 7/22 Phish Bend For 2 6/27 Santa Clara (anywhere)

~ I arranged a trade with Dave that spanned 9 weeks and required large amounts of trust on both sides. In the end, I received my tickets in person from Dave and I am 100% satisfied. Would definitely trade with again!7/06/15

******LIAR & THIEF BEWARE*******     - Rating: 1.0

Post: For Trade/sale 1 Pair Grateful Dead Santa Clara Both Nites Res. Sec. 112 Row 19

~ This guy barely made contact with me all weekend for the ticket that he agreed to in our deal. Then 5 hours before showtime says he needs another hour and never called or messaged me. He owes me money for tickets I gave him the week before and ruined the end of my weekend for the fare thee well shows. The LAST show keep in mind.... he's a thief and a liar.. hope karma catches up quick on this tool. ..7/06/15

COT All Star!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FT: My 100 Section 6/27-28 For Your Lower Chicago Ticket

~ David is one of the best COT on this site. He's been a bit overwhelmed this weekend with trying to get everyone in and has done his best to follow through with all his trades. Despite some hiccups on other trades due to some logistical issues he's a great guy with good intentions. Much Love!7/05/15

Dave did not follow through     - Rating: 1.0

Post: I Have Extra Chicagos To Trade

~ Dave did not come through on our trade. I waited 90 minutes in the lobby of his hotel (if he was actually there I do not know) and he did not show up. He then texted me and wanted to meet at will call, but then did not respond after that. The trade did not happen.7/04/15

Unresponsive - Be Careful     - Rating: 1.0

Post: FT: Have (1) VIP Pit Sun. Chicago, Want (2) GA Floor Sun. Chicago

~ Be careful if you're trading Chicago tickets with this guy. I've been trying to get ahold of him for 4 days with no luck. I know other people are having the same issue. He's wasting a lot of people's time and effort.7/04/15

Didn't deliver tickets     - Rating: 1.0

Post: For Smoothatonalsound ONLY

~ Wrote a longer review elsewhere. Short review here to say: sent Dave money by PayPal for tix I would pick up at gd50 chicago. Once it rolled around, didn't return my texts, and never met up to get tickets. left leople stranded and screwed me. be careful of trading with him.7/04/15

Beware     - Rating: 1.0

Post: For Smoothatonalsound ONLY

~ i set up a trade with Dave and was buying three Chicago GD50 tickets. Communication was horrible throughout the process and, despite my many attempts at contacting him, I didn't get the tickets. Me and several others were screwed by him flaking on our trade. it seems like he was trying to hook up people, and maybe for some that worked out. for me, he stopped responding to me, made me and friends scramble for tickets and as of now has $300 of mine that he didn't deliver tickets on. Beware.7/04/15

awesome, dave is great for the community     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Selling As A Package Only: 6/27 (2) Section 416, 7/2 (2) High Steppin MF 4 Row K($167.32), 7/5 (1) Section 351

~ got my gd50 tix with plenty of time before the show along with other tough finds for this week in chicago. was a little tough finding him at the hotel because he helps a lot of people make trades, but would certainly do business with him again!7/04/15

Awesome Guy! 5 Stars!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: 4 For 3! 3 Day Club Pass Plus Lower For Friday & Hotel Res For Your GA!

~ Dave went out of his way to help, awesome human being and true to his word!7/03/15

Bait and switch then flaked on me     - Rating: 2.0

Post: Our 4 Seats In 400s For Sunday 7/5 For Your 2 Seats In Pits Or 100/200/300 Level On Sunday 7/5

~ DetroitWolf promised me section 110 and 111 for my 4 tickets which I paid to fedex to him. Said he'd give me 136 tix instead to hold until he could get me my tix but then sent much worse 132 section and now won't answer me for days and show is tonight. Be careful as he didn't keep his end of bargain7/03/15

good Dude     - Rating: 5.0

Post: NEED 2 Seats Together For 7/3 Show, Have 3 Day Pass, 2 SC 6/27's, And PTF To Trade

~ Solid dude. Was worried a bit about the trade but Dave came through for me. You can definitely count on him. Would definitely trade and buy from him again.7/03/15

perfect trade     - Rating: 5.0

Post: All My SC I Have To Trade. Looking For Any Chicago

~ Met at his own set up will call and traded face to face. Worked out great, enjoy Chicago brother6/30/15

Great Trader!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS: 4 Tix GD50 Santa Clair 100 Level $50 Shipped!!! MUST GO NOW!!!! SALE SALE

~ easy to work with, great communication6/29/15

Very trustworthy, great trader     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Have Phish Bend, Looking For Saturday GD Santa Clara

~ This guy is the most passionate trader in the cash or trade realm i've met, and he is a straight shooter. Trade with confidence. It was great meeting you dude!6/28/15

Wolf came through     - Rating: 5.0

Post: 2 Levi Floor GA Both Nights Trade For 3 Sunday 6/28 Reserved

~ Thank you wolf for coming through on this when others backed out and left you hanging you still hooked me up. Great communication throughout.
Your true to your word bro. Would trade anytime.6/28/15

See you at the shows, Brother!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Package Sale Only: (2) SC 6/27 Section 405, (2) SC 6/28 Section 209 And (2) 7/5 Section 317

~ Thanks for coming through, Dave - I admire your tolerance for complexity and your spirit of fairness, thanks man6/27/15

Good As Gold     - Rating: 5.0

Post: I Am Selling 2 Sunday SC Section 209

~ Easy communication. No hassles. Tix arrived as per schedule.6/22/15

Fare thee well     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Who Got A Pair Of 6/27 Section 138 Or Pit In The Online Sale That They Want To Trade Or Sell

~ Smooth as silk, now the post office needs to deliver! Enjoy the ride Wolfie...6/20/15

Great to work with     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Trade - High Steppin' Into Town Chicago, July 2nd For Any Sunday 6/28 Santa Clara

~ Great communication and easy to work with. This is a person you can trust to follow through and get the trade done.6/19/15

No Worries     - Rating: 5.0


~ This user was communicative and patient with a newbie to the system. I trust this user and would do business with them again without hesitation.6/19/15

Easy as pie.     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Grateful Dead Santa Clara 6/27 One Great Seat, Reserved P1 Section 146 Full View

~ Super transaction, easy as pie with DetroitWolf. Recommended trader!!6/19/15

Thanks Dave!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Any Help Would Be Appreciated

~ Dave was great. Got my tickets in plenty of time and gave no hassle when I had to pay a few days after first agreement. Super easy going and very cool. Will trade again anytime.6/19/15

awesome!!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Selling 2 SC Sunday Section 208

~ Great communication. Super friendly. Good ass dude!!6/18/15

Honest, Stand-up Guy, Would buy from anytime!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FOR HowardGolden ONLY!!!

~ I would highly recommend this seller. He responds to all messages and really wants to do the right thing for you. A true blue kind of guy.6/16/15

Late night Kimock     - Rating: 4.0

Post: ISO: Kimock Brunch Have: Chicago AFTER SHOWS Kimock Late ,NRPS Friday And Sunday.

~ Smooth and easy transacting6/16/15

Could not produce receipts for tickets     - Rating: 2.0

Post: Trade Chicago 3 Days Pass For 2 7-3 With View

~ Could not produce receipts for tickets, I did not feel comfortable sending paypal without it> i am sure he is a great guy but this just did not work out for me6/16/15

Very Helpful, Responsive & Reliable     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Package Sale Only: Pair SC Saturday Section 210, Pair SC Sunday Section 123, Single Chicago 7/4 Section 214

~ I have dealt with Dave on a few purchases. He is very on top of each deal and is always helpful. He is a great example of what this community has to offer. You can definitely trust this guy to do you right.6/04/15

A Great Experience Dealing With DetroitWolf     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Package Sale Only: (2) SC 6/27 Section 405, (1) SC 6/28 Section 419, (2) 7/5 Suite C3

~ I am really glad I got hooked up with Dave. This is a show that I was dying to see. I am a newbie to COT and he spent a lot of time explaining the process and working with me on the sale. I can see why he is so highly rated. My first COT experience and I got hooked up with the perfect person to introduce me to the community. Do not hesitate to trust Dave with your trades.6/03/15

DetroitWolf is a Pro - This Guy Is Amazing To Work With     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Selling As Package Only:Chicago 7/5 Single Section 351,(2) 7/2 High Steppin And (2) Santa Clara 6/27 Section 416

~ DetroitWolf was a pleasure in all aspects. We have corresponded quite a lot and he was all over it in every instance. Excellent communicator throughout. In having dealt with him and having read his other reviews, I would be shocked if he were to ever receive any ratings below the perfect "5". I would feel great about trading with him anytime.6/02/15

Excellent Member!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Have: (2) Tuesday Mann Right Circle Row A ISO: Grateful Dead

~ Great communication and smooth transaction. Would definitely trade with again!5/28/15

good trader!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Trade 1 Dear Jerry Taper For 2 Lawns

~ Dave hooked me up, as promised, and we made a good trade! Would happily trade with him again!5/18/15

Good deal, great seller.     - Rating: 5.0

Post: For KemikleeInhansed ONLY

~ DetroitWolf hooked it up! Got an added bonus deal woith my added request. Instant delivery of tickets.5/10/15

Thanks for the room!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: ISO Place To Stay For Dear Jerry @MPP-share Cost

~ Gave me place to stay for Dear Jerry @ MPP. Let me have a bed for reasonable contribution for the room. Thanks!5/02/15

He slices, he dices, he juliennes     - Rating: 5.0

Post: VOODOO DEAD Saturday Night- (Face-fees-shipping) $135.50/pair

~ Detroit Wolf is good people. Good transaction. Good communication. Thanks brother. See ya in Chicago!!!!4/30/15

Sold WSP     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Widespread Friday Red Rocks- Face/fees $70 Emailed Right Away

~ Quick and easy transaction. Dave sent the ticket immediately after I paid...Would do business with him again4/24/15

DetroitWolf id the best!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Hopping For Jerry!

~ When there were hundreds of posts for people wanting Dear Jerry tickets, Detroit offered his to me. Very fast transaction and cannot wait to buy from him again.Thank you.4/18/15

Great transaction!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Steve Kimmock Tribute To Jerry Garcia Late Night At HOB 7/5/15

~ Super fast and easy transaction!4/17/15

Prompt payment, great communication     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Dear Jerry Pav For Sale 1 Right Loge Row E

~ Very quick payment and good communication. Would trade or sell to again.4/16/15

Great Transaction!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: 1 WSP Friday Red Rocks Ticket

~ Super easy transaction - paid immediately!4/16/15

Great Guy     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FT/FS: Dear Jerry Lodge For ATL Phish Or Face Fees

~ Helped me through my first CoT sale, definitely a trustworthy guy. Quick to respond and send payment.4/15/15

Dave is the man!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: CID STEAL YOUR FACE And 2 7/4 Together Taking Offers

~ Great guy real genuine real fan, seen a ton of shows, did exactly what he said he was going to do and we negotiated so that we were both happy4/12/15

Dave is awesome     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Steve Kimock Is My Favorite

~ This guy was in communication at all times is honest and reliable, this guy is a true fan, we had a great conversation about our favorite musicians and he went the extra and mile and hooked me up with some other tickets on top of our until trade, great dude4/11/15

Helping me help family     - Rating: 5.0

Post: 1 Dear Jerry Right Loge Row N

~ Way easy and quick transaction. Couldn't have been any smoother.4/11/15

CoT Users come through again     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Two Dear Jerry Pavillion For Sale

~ Everything was quick no fuss sent to email would do business everytime with DetroitWolf thanx peace4/10/15

Great trader     - Rating: 5.0

Post: ISO: (1) Dear Jerry Lawn, FT: Phish MPP Both Nights Lawn & Jerry Tribute W/ Kimock GAFloors

~ Everything went great. Dave was on point the whole way. Very easy trader to work with.4/09/15

fast payment     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS: Dear Jerry MPP PAV

~ Dave payed quickly. Easy transaction.4/08/15

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