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   Tue 12/27/16 3:16:29pm | #293049 via iPhoneApp | Viewed: 636 times
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  • (2) Wed 12/28/16 - Phish - Madison Square Garden - New York - NY
    [ section: 119 row: 15 seat: 6 ]

We have 2 extras for tomorrow night, row 15, seats 6-7.

myphriendmel's Reviews (17)    Avg. Rating: 4.5 
Nice and Easy     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS 2 N1, Section 119

~ Great communication, smooth transaction. Nice person.1/05/17

She is MyPhriendMel for sho!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS: 1 YEMSG NYE Ticket...SOLD

~ MyPhriendMel has been a long time friend from tour. She has always been super supportive of CashorTrade and an avid user. Digging through trades from many years back I found that I did not leave a proper review for this trade so I am doing it now. As founder of CashorTrade, I highly recommend trading with her. She is a great spirit and spreads the love. The perfect person you want to interact with when trading tickets to a great show. Much luv. brando11/06/15

Awesome Legit Phan     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FT ONLY: 2 NYE Looking For 2 12/30 Floor

~ Well its NYE and everyone is always on high alert about scams and fake tickets. I also was in that boat. I had 2 extra NYE because a good friend and his wife had backed out and I wanted to help out a phan. Mel had 2 tix to 12/30 and after reading her reviews on here, I was set at ease that she was cool. The meet up was easy, she was an awesome person to chat with and she hooked it up with a bunch of Surrender to the Flow mags for me too. We had great communication via email and text. She was impacted by Hurricane Sandy and she still made the effort to get messages to me about the tickets. That is dedication to the scene right there folks. When you're in an area of tragedy and devastation like that and you still feel its important to keep communication on something like ticket trades shows that she has respect for the scene. If you find yourself in a position to have to choose to either trade with someone else or Mel, go with Mel. She is the real deal and there are no strings attached. I was able to rage out 12/30 with my wife and in my opinion 12/30 was the show of the run!!!!! Thanks for making it happen Mel and I hope you had a great New Years!!!!!!!1/01/13

Perfect deal!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FOR SALE: PHISH ATLANTIC CITY-2 FRIDAY 6/15 Single-day Tickets

~ Very friendly and easy to communicate with. Met on lot...was easy to find and very nice. 100% trustworthy. Will definitely be in touch for future trades!8/07/12

Solid buyer, fast payment     - Rating: 5.0

Post: FS: Four Portsmouth 1s And Two DC2 Lawns- ALL PTBM- Package Deal- All Sold! Thanks!

~ Myphriendmel's communication has been great. She paid immediately and has been very friendly and has made this an easy deal. I would certainly trade with her in the future.3/16/12

I, Brando, of CashorTrade.org fully endorse MyPhriendMel as a Super trustworthy fan and one of the communities top members!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: ( SOLD!) All Hail The Face Value Community! I Have 1 12/30 Phish Ticket For Face!

~ I would like to take this moment to sincerely thank MyPhriendMel for not only becoming an awesome face value community member, but now, a true friend.

Dusty and I met Mel on here over a year ago. She was super friendly and upbeat. Exactly the person you want to meet and trade with. She had a NYE ticket to see Phish and she sold it to us for FACE VALUE. As so many other fans were wither scalping their tickets or trying to get 2 tickets for their 1 New Year ticket, she was a true face value fan and sold it to us straight. Her communication the entire time was excellent.

NOW, since that event MyPhriendMel is considered a friend on CashorTrade. We have hung out at shows and have become what I like to call, "ticket tight!" This year, (2011) once again, we were shut out of NYE. AGAIN, Mel comes through with another ticket for us for straight Face. Truly Amazing. Not only that....I received it in hand only a couple days after we originally connected about this years ticket sitch. We exchanged paypal funds and were done and done.

Also, Mel was in need of a 12/30 ticket the whole time, but still promised me the New Years ticket no matter what. I told her I would do what I could to find her one in the mean time. A couple days later....BANGO. I got her one.

Now, this is exactly how CashorTrade.org is supposed to function. You meet someone through the site while needing tickets. You establish a relationship and become tight over the years and at shows. You watch out for each other and care for one another. You become "TICKET TIGHT!"

Thank you so much MEL. I highly endorse MEL as a super great fan and friend in the Face Value Ticket Community. She is 100% a good member to trade with!
Brando from CashorTrade.org11/03/11

myphriendmel is a true PHAN!! 100%     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Need 4 For Trey In Jersey...please Help Us Get There

~ i can't count how many times myphriendmel has come through with the tix!!!! 10/04/11

Great Trade     - Rating: 5.0


~ Payment was quick, great communication. Look forward to future trades with Mel. Awesome phriend!!10/04/11

No Follow-Through     - Rating: 1.0

Post: FT - NTelos Portsmouth; ISO - Sunday (5/29) Bethel Pav

~ Despite some negative reviews, I decided to take a chance with Mel. We were going to exchange one of my extra Portsmouth tickets for her Bethel 3 pavilion.

Communication was absolutely superb to begin with. prompt responses, friendly, and agreeable.

My ticket was a Ticketmaster ticket and hers was PTBM. I decided to hold onto mine until she had hers in hand and then conduct the trade, ideally by mail. I was told she would contact me once the ticket was in hand.

However, she never reached out. Finally, I emailed her but was never responded to. I let it slide, knowing that I had her cell phone # and could reach her in Bethel. I sent several texts and called several times with no response. She blamed it on spotty cell reception (which there was much of the weekend), but the calls still rang through, so I have a tough time believing that.

Finally I posed an ultimatum with about 2 hours until show time that if i didn't hear from her soon I would track down another ticket and go in. By the tim she responded, it was about an hour until show time and a friend had already sold me his extra pav. She blamed her lack of responding on the reception and said she'd be leaving for the show soon, but I was already inside.

Mel will not be receiving my Portsmouth ticket for failing to live up to her end of the trade. It will instead be going to the friend who did give me the pav.

It looks like she has several well-executed transactions and some failed ones. Personally, after how smooth things appeared that they'd go and then the complete failure, with poor excuses and seemingly dismissive apologies, I (unfortunately) would strongly recommend against trading with her.6/01/11

my best phriend     - Rating: 5.0

Post: What Do I NEED To Get YOUR Port VA Tix????

~ even when mel can't make the show...she makes it happen for her phriends...portsmouth here we come4/13/11

smooth trade     - Rating: 5.0

Post: What Do I NEED To Get YOUR Port VA Tix????

~ mel stayed in touch to let me know how everything was going, sent tracking info and money before i could even get the tix shipped. excellent trader, would trade with again for sure!4/11/11

Honest fan, great communication.     - Rating: 5.0

Post: ISO Phish Tickets Bethel/PNC

~ Thanks again Mel for our ticket deal. Hope to meet up with you some summer show!4/05/11

a great phriend     - Rating: 5.0

Post: ISO: MERIT BADGES (band/phans)

~ hooked it up for trey at the palace.....2/19/11

Mel rocks! Got dusty from cashortrade into new years!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Have 3 12/31 To Trade....

~ I traded Mel my 1/11 for new years eves Great communication the whole way through. Only bummer is we didn't get to hv a drink, but there will be many more good times ahead. All the best in 2011! Happy new year!!1/02/11

perfect execution     - Rating: 5.0

Post: NEED 4 AC 10/29 HAVE CASH

~ Of the four tickets Mel set up for 10/29 show, 2 were from me. I sent them down with my friend who met up with her and she paid the $70 for each that we agreed despite the unexpected swing in market price at showtime. For what it's worth she told me her phone died which is why she didn't meet up with the guy who had the other 2.11/02/10

Backed Out of Deal Without Even Letting Me Know     - Rating: 1.0

Post: NEED 4 AC 10/29 HAVE CASH

~ We had a deal set up to meet in Atlantic City for her to purchase my two extra tickets for 10/29/10 at face value. Once I got down to Atlantic City, however, she refused to respond to my calls/texts and I never heard from her the entire Halloween weekend. Presumably, she purchased the dirt cheap extras on the Boardwalk rather than pay me face for the tickets.

Now, because of her agreeing to purchase the tickets from me, I turned away sales opportunities. Once I got to Atlantic City however, i could even trade both tickets for a pack of cigarettes. She put me in a serious bind without allowing me at least the opportunity to match the deal she received on the Boardwalk.

The capper, though, is that she never once contacted me to let me know that she was backing out of our agreement. That lack of upfrontness is inexcusable and will in all likelihood lead me to not trade/deal with her in the future. 11/02/10

great trade!     - Rating: 5.0

Post: Phish 2 X 10/30 For 2 X 12/31

~ nice people, generous trade, more than fair10/21/10

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