Major artists have lucrative streaming options, and now so do you.

To the musicians and creators who fill our hometown bars, clubs, street corners, and subways: bring your talent to CashorTrade Streams for free! We will share your performance far and wide to generate maximum visibility and donations. Our Mission: we help music lovers support musicians.


How it works

All members will now have this new feature live within their account.
It is easy to use, give it a try.


Navigate to the Streams tab within your profile and set up a free performance in minutes.


Use our promotion tools to alert your friends and fellow fans to drive traffic to your event.


Generate revenue by offering viewers easy access for processing donations directly to your account.

Gain Exposure

There are a half a million fans within the CashorTrade network.

We manage and admin the largest fan-groups on facebook and twitter. The CashorTrade Streams event schedule will be broadcasted within these groups and to the quarter million COT website members. Push and email notifications will be sent prior to the event.


Earn Donations

CashorTrade is set up for payment processing.

Viewers can tip performers through the secure COT Trader's Protection™ escrow service. Simply confirm your payment information and all donations will be transferred directly to your bank or PayPal account on file.


More Features

  • Interact with your audience with live chat

  • Syndicate your event to social media

  • Easy Facebook event creation

  • Professional graphics and assets to drive people to your stream

  • Get Featured in our Weekly stream guide and newsletter to our full membership

  • Send reminder notifications to those who have RSVP’d to maximize turnout

  • Add your own sponsors to sell ad space